Friday, September 15, 2006

Web Sites of Interest : latest update 12th April 2008 Anglicans Online
probably the best Anglican site in the world, sane and sensible,
and with a vast number of links to almost everything
an Anglican or Episcopalian one would want.
It is free & is updated weekly, by late Monday afternoon here in Australia.
One of its many useful links is to Project Canterbury
which provides online many interesting
Anglican sermons, documents and even books.

The Scottish Prayer Book Society now has its own web-site :

For the full range of PBS books, cds, and other goods -

http://www.thinking/Anglicans - daily updates of Anglican news
from UK and international papers : invaluable /
The Prayer Book Society in England
Victorian branch of the PBS in Australia
The Prayer Book Society in Canada
New South Wales branch of the PBS
The Prayer Book Society in the USA -
unlike its sister societies, this PBS is much
involved with controversies that concern
"traditional" Episcopalians at present
The Jacobean Singers, derived from the original choir of
S.James's, King Street, Sydney
and based at All Saints', Woollahra

Catholica Australia (liberal RC), Sojourners (socially concerned Evangelical),
Modern Churchpeople's Union, Ekklesia (socially concerned Evangelical) /
Through the Missionaries of St Andrew,
Anglican Aid Abroad raises tens of thousands of dollars
to assist a wide range of Anglican mission work in Africa,
the new online presence of the national independent
Australian Anglican "Market Place"

EMAIL address : for the St James' Institute, Sydney - - for all details of the extensive annual programme
the Pacific, &c, with volunteers administering the agency.