Friday, June 04, 2010

January and February 2011 : from the Calendar

Sun 2nd 2nd Sunday after Christmas
Thurs 6th The Epiphany (The BCP Communion celebrates the story of the Magi but the Baptism of our Lord at Matins.)
Sun 9th 1st Sunday after the Epiphany
Thurs 13th S.Hilary's Day
Sun 16th 2nd Sunday after the Epiphany
Sun 23rd 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany
Tues 25th Conversion of S.Paul
Sun 30th 4th Sunday after the Epiphany : King Charles the Martyr


Wed 2nd Presentation of our Lord in the Temple - Candlemas Day
Sun 6th 5th Sunday after the Epiphany : The Accession of HM Queen Elizabeth II
Sun 13th 6th Sunday after the Epiphany
Mon 14th S.Valentine's Day
Sun 20th Septuagesima - the Third Sunday before Lent
Thurs 24th S.Matthias's Day
Sun 27th Sexagesima - the Second Sunday before Lent

Monday, May 31, 2010

Bishop Tom Frame and the BCP : 1st June, 2010

The Rt Revd Professor Tom Frame, Director of S.Mark's National Theological Centre, Canberra was guest speaker at a recent Dinner of the NSW Branch of the Prayer Book Society. His address is available from the Revd John Bunyan ( - who would agree with much in it - except for Bishop Frame's opposition to Establishment.

(By contrast, Dr Ian Bradley of the University of St Andrews, in his latest, very readable book (Grace, Order, Openness, Diversity : Reclaiming Liberal Theology, commends both the Establishment and constitutional monarchy.)

Prayer Books go to gaol in England : 1st June

The Prayer Book Society in England like the PBS in New South Wales provides Books of Common Prayer as gifts to ordinands. The English society, however, is now also providing Prayer Books for prisoners in gaols. The Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Revd James Jones, Bishop to prisons, said he was delighted to learn of this initiative. Over 100 Prayer Books have already been shipped to prison chaplains all over England. A specially prepared guide to the use of the Prayer Book in daily devotion is also being sent out.

The Revd Alison Adams, co-ordinating chaplain at Leicester has welcomed the gifts. At Peterborough, Chaplain Tim Harling commented "I would love to introduce the prayer book to people who have never experienced (its) beauty and language". "I have often thought it might allow prisoners to appreciate the 'Otherness' and special place faith can have in their lives."

Bishop James, an eirenic and impressive Evangelical leader, has said that "I hope prisoners will find comfort in the 'comfortable words' of the Book of Common Prayer and discover for themselves 'that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners'."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coming Events - to be updated early in 2011

John Bunyan
PO Box N109, Campbelltown North, NSW, 2560, Australia

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Friday, April 10, 2009

New Books by John Bunyan May 2010

- poems of faith and doubt, mostly written in the first 3 months of 2010. Just published in a short run of signed and numbered copies. 52 pp. Colour photograph of the sanctuary and altar of S.Peter's Parish Church, Campbelltown, N.S.W.

BCP @ 09 : : A BROAD-CHURCH COMMUNION PRAYER-BOOK with 15 Psalms and 59 Hymns - catholic and evangelical, anglican and unitarian -
a 2 part, 2 volume book, one with the revised service and the remarkable collection of hymns old and new, and the other with a commentary and defence $15 (plus $2 p & p).
Only a small number remain. Please make out cheques to John Bunyan.

IN HEART AND MIND : Psalms restoring

This has just 97 psalms or portions of psalms, from the beautiful Coverdale Psalter, unchanged but with unobtrusive annotations, and arranged for saying or singing over the days of the month.
$13 (plus $2 p & p).

50 songs written by and 50 stories chosen by J.B.
The stories are well-known and little known stories from the Bible, in the fine language of the AV (or occasionally the RSV or NRSV). The hymns include many of J.B.'s earlier hymns but now considerably revised, and some new hymns - eg one for an Australian spring time festival of the Holy Cross, and one about grace in the sense of courtesy and good manners etc !
A nice gift. 100 signed and numbered copies. $17 (plus $2 p & p).

A DAY FOR THE DROVER : Macquarie's Morning Prayer
This was launched at the Choral Matins at S.Peter's, Campbelltown - 11.15 am on Sat.May 2nd, when the Address will be given by H.E. Professor Marie Basher, AC CVO, the Governor of New South Wales.

This book, a fascinating anthology, brings together the two themes of that service, the 450th anniversary of the 1559 Book of Common Prayer and the 200th anniversary of the Appointment in the UK of Lachlan Macquarie as Governor.

It includes at the front, BCP Morning and Evening Prayer but with variations for those who would like to use them, and at the back 50 hymns (not J.B.'s) appropriate for Matins and Evensong, and in between a variety of articles of more specialised interest on the Prayer Book, the Prayer Book Society, and Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie. $17 (p & p $2)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

22 new recommended books : Jan 14th 2009

Now in the Colenso Library :


Robert Harrison, John Walker : A Man for the 21st Century - story of a great Bishop of Washington.

Ben Witherington III : What have they done with Jesus ? - one of the best moderate conservative authors whom liberal Christians should read - and question !

Rupert Shortt, Rowan's Rule : The Biography of the Archbishop

Dave Tomlinson, Re-enchanting Christianity, by the author of The Post-Evangelical

Julie Galambush, The Reluctant Parting : How the New Testament's Jewish Writers Created a Christian book - by a former Baptist minister and scholar who has converted to her father's Jewish faith

Roger Haight SJ, The Future of Christology, by the author of the larger work, Jesus : Symbol of God, no longer allowed to teach Protestants let alone Roman Catholics

Leslie J.Francis and Philip Richter, Gone for Good ? : Church-Leaving and Returning in the 21st Century

Louise Nelstrop and Martyn Percy, Evaluating Fresh Expressions

Bp John Colenso, Natal Sermons, 2nd series, 1868 - at last re-printed !

Keith Ward, The Big Questions in Science and Religion - by outstanding scholar

David Hay, Something There : The Biology of the Human Spirit


Timothy Radcliffe O.P., Why Go To Church ? : The Drama of the Eucharist

Diarmaid MacCulloch, The Later Reformation in England, 1547-1603

Hugh Trevor-Roper, The Invention of Scotland : Myth and History

William O'Connor and William J.Lines, Overloading Australia : How governments and media dither and deny on population'

David Stancliffe, The Lion Companion to Church Architecture - delightful !

Sarah Brown and Peter de Figueiredo, Religion and Place : Liverpool's historic places of worship - well illustrated and comprehensive coverage of the churches and the two cathedrals of England's Liverpool

Moyra Dooley, No Place for God : The Denial of the Transcendent in Modern Church Architecture

Clive Dewey, The Passing of Barchester - interesting study of one major aspect of the 19th century Church of England

Paul Avis, The Identity of Anglicanism - revised

Kenneth Stevenson, ed., A Fallible Church

Stephen Games, ed., Tennis Whites and Teacakes - some of John Betjeman's work in short bites, a nice gift

Sunday, October 19, 2008

About this web-site, December, 2010

This site is not intended for "blogging" or conversation.
It provides information, ideas, and occasional comment.

Items on the site are regularly up-dated
including most of those in the "archives",

eg archive for March 2006 has latest additions to a list of BCP services
that is steadily being developed. It is hoped to bring the site up to date early in 2011.

This site was established originally for the Prayer Book Fellowship
but its scope has been widened to cover a variety of matters, especially from a
"broad church" Sydney Anglican viewpoint.

The Prayer Book Fellowship provides a library and book
depot, and resources related to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer
and worship generally, and encourages support for the
Prayer Book Society in New South Wales, Victoria, and the UK.

John Bunyan can be contacted at -
"Colenso Corner", PO Box N109, Campbelltown North, NSW, 2560, or (02) 46.272.586.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Science and Religion books : updated 25th August 2008

The following have been added to the Bishop Colenso Library and may be borrowed . They deal with the most fundamental questions facing us today, regarding God and our world - although the second listed is the story of a priest and scientist.

Nicholas Saunders, Divine Action and Modern Science, Cambridge - by one learned in both physics and theology

Keith Ward, The Big Questions of Science and Religion, Alban Books - a solid work demanding solid thinking.

John Polkinghorne, From Physics to Priest : An Autobiography, - by one of the best known contemporary Church of England priests and Templeton Award winner. SPCK

John C.Lennos, God's Undertaker : Has Science Buried God ? - a very important new study by the Reader in Mathematics at Oxford and Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at Green College, Lion Books
Charles Birch, Science and Soul, UNSW Press
Jeremy Campbell, The Many Faces of God : Science's 400-Year Quest for Images of the Divine, Norton
Francis S.Collins, The Language of God : A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief, Free Press/Pocket Books
Philip Clayton & Arthur Peacocke, eds, In Whom We Live and Move and Have Our Being : Panentheistic Reflections on God's Presence in a Scientific World, Eerdmans,
John Cornwell, Darwin's Angel (an answer to Dawkins), Profile Books,
Hans Kung, The Beginning of All Things : Science and Religion, Eerdmans
Nigel Leaves, The God Problem : Alternatives to Fundamentalism, Polebridge House
James R.Lucas, Knowing the Unknowable God : How Faith Thrives on Divine Mystery, Water Brook
Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer, Extraordinary Knowing : Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind, Bantam
Alister McGrath, The Dawkins Delusion, SPCK
Alister McGrath, The Re-Enchantment of Nature : Science, Religion and the Human Sense of Wonder, Hodder & Stoughton
Arthur Peacocke, All That Is : A Naturalistic Faith for the Twenty-First Century, ed., by Philip Clayton (Dr Peacocke having recently died), Fortress Press
Arthur Peacocke, From DNA to Dean : Reflections and Explorations of a Priest-Scientist, Canterbury Press
Arthur Peacocke, Paths from Science Towards God : The End of all our Exploring, Oneworld
Arthur Peacocke, Theology for a Scientific Age, Basil Blackwell
John Polkinghorne, Scientists as Theologians (comparing Ian Barbour, Arthur Peacocke and John Polkinghorne himself), SPCK
Gerald L.Schroeder, The Hidden Face of God : How Science Reveals the Ultimate Truth, The Free Press
M.K.Vernon, Science, Religion and the Meaning of Life (a defence of agnostism), Palgrave,
Keith Ward, Is Religion Dangerous ? Lion
Peter Ward & Donald Brownless, The Life and Death of Planet Earth : How the new science of astrobiology charts the ultimate fate of our world, Piatkus - a major challenge to theology !
Larry Witham, The Measure of God : Our Century-Long Struggle to Reconcile Science and Religion : The Story of the Gifford Lectures, HarperSanFrancisco
Philip Yancey, Reaching for the Invisible God : what can we expect to find ? Harper Collins